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Alanis Morissette Story

Alanis Nadine Morissette was born on June 1st. 1974. Her parents are Alan and Georgia Morissette. Alanis recieved her name because her father wanted a female version of his name. He saw Alanis in a Greek newspaper and it stuck. Alanis had two solo albums before hitting it big with Jagged Little Pill. They were mainly dance oriented. She then met Glen Ballard and recieved her "harder" edge. It all started with the famous "You Oughta Know" which woke up a sleeping nation. Jagged Little Pill went on to sell around 25 million copies worldwide!! I hope her next album turns out the same way!

Alanis's   Current   News

*In Jagged Little Pill Live there is a video of Head Over Feet that was never seen before. It shows a Alanis and the band sitting in a circle on a playground. The children join Alanis in playing the harmonica. No word yet on the source or reason for the secret video.*

July 2nd.- I bought Jagged Little Pill Live! I got to the record store and there was one copy left. I got there at the right time and I snagged it up. It is a great video! Go out and buy it right now!!

Coming Up July 1st.- Jagged Little Pill live will be released. JLPL is a video that captures footage of live performances and behind the scenes action from the past 2 years. (Price around $20.00)

June 8-9 - Alanis took part in the Tibetan Freedom Concert. She sang 2 of her new songs, Gorgeous and London Today.

June 1st.- Happy 23rd. Birthday Alanis!

*note- Look for Alanis's new album to be released sometime during late 97 or early 98

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